retire [ ri-tahyuhr ]
Main Entry: retire
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave a place or responsibility
Synonyms: absent oneself, decamp, deny oneself, depart, draw back, ebb, exit, fall back, get away, get off, give ground, give up work, give way, go, go away, go to bed, go to one's room, go to sleep, hand over, hit the sack, leave service, make vacant, part, pull back, pull out, recede, regress, relinquish, remove, repeal, rescind, resign, retreat, revoke, run along, rusticate, secede, seclude oneself, separate, sever connections, stop working, surrender, take off, turn in, withdraw, yield
Antonyms: begin, enter, join
Main Entry: abdicate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: give up a right, position, or power
Synonyms: abandon, abjure, abnegate, bag it, bail out, cede, demit, drop, forgo, give up, leave, leave high and dry, leave holding the bag, leave in the lurch, opt out, quit, quitclaim, relinquish, renounce, resign, retire, sell out, step down, surrender, vacate, waive, withdraw, yield
Antonyms: assert, assume, challenge, claim, defend, defy, hold, maintain, remain, retain, treasure, usurp
Main Entry: back
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: put in reverse direction
Synonyms: backtrack, drive back, fall back, recede, regress, repel, repulse, retire, retract, retreat, reverse, turn tail, withdraw
Antonyms: advance, go forward
Main Entry: clear out
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave, often quickly
Synonyms: beat it, begone, decamp, depart, go, hightail, kite, make oneself scarce, remove oneself, retire, scram, skedaddle, split*, take a hike, take off, vamoose, withdraw
Antonyms: arrive, rush in
Main Entry: decommission
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: withdraw from active service
Synonyms: deactivate, demilitarize, make inactive, retire, shut down, shut off
Main Entry: depart
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave, retreat
Synonyms: abandon, abdicate, absent, beat it, blast off, cut and run, cut out, decamp, desert, disappear, emigrate, escape, evacuate, exit, get away, git, go, go away, go forth, hit the bricks, hit the road, hit the trail, make a break, march out, migrate, move on, move out, part, perish, pull out, quit, remove, retire, sally forth, say goodbye, scram, secede, set forth, shove off, slip away, split*, start, start out, take leave, tergiversate, troop, vacate, vanish, withdraw
Antonyms: arrive, come, enter
Main Entry: disappear
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: vanish; cease
Synonyms: abandon, abscond, be done for, be gone, be lost, be no more, be swallowed up, cease to exist, clear, come to naught, decamp, dematerialize, depart, die, die out, disperse, dissipate, dissolve, drop out of sight, ebb, end, end gradually, escape, evanesce, evanish, evaporate, exit, expire, fade, fade away, flee, fly, go, go south, leave, leave no trace, melt, melt away, pass, pass away, perish, recede, retire, retreat, sink, take flight, vacate, vamoose, wane, withdraw
Antonyms: appear, arrive, come in
Main Entry: dismiss
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: remove from job, responsibility
Synonyms: ax, boot out, boot, bounce*, bump*, can*, cashier, defrock, depone, depose, deselect, discharge, disemploy, disfrock, displace, disqualify, drop, fire, furlough, give notice to, give the ax, give the gate, give the heave-ho, give walking papers, give warning, impeach, kick out, lay off, let go, let out, oust, pension, pink-slip, put away, recall, retire, sack, send packing, shelve, shut out, suspend, terminate, turn away, unfrock, unseat, wash out
Antonyms: appoint, employ, engage, hire, keep, secure
Main Entry: ebb
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: subside; decline
Synonyms: abate, decay, decrease, degenerate, deteriorate, die down, die out, diminish, drop, dwindle, ease off, fade away, fall, fall away, fall back, flag, flow back, go out, languish, lessen, let up, melt, moderate, peter out, recede, relent, retire, retreat, retrocede, shrink, sink, slacken, wane, weaken, withdraw
Antonyms: flow, increase, rise
Main Entry: exit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave a place
Synonyms: bid farewell, blow*, depart, do vanishing act, flake off, get away, get off, get*, git, go, go away, go out, issue, move, move out, quit, retire, retreat, say goodbye, split*, take a hike, take one's leave, withdraw
Antonyms: arrive, come in, enter, go in
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