quit [ kwit ]
Main Entry: quit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: abandon, leave
Synonyms: abdicate, blow*, book*, bow out, check out, cut out, decamp, depart, desert, drop, drop out, evacuate, exit, forsake, get off, give up, go, go away from, hang it up, leave flat, leave hanging, pull out, push off, relinquish, renounce, resign, retire, run out on, surrender, take a walk, take off, throw over, vacate, walk out on, withdraw, yield
Antonyms: come, remain, stay
Main Entry: quit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: stop doing something
Synonyms: abandon, break off, call it a day, call it quits, cease, conclude, cut it out, desist, discontinue, drop, end, get on the wagon, give notice, give over, give up, halt, hang it up, kick over, kick the habit, knock off, leave, leave off, pack in, quit cold, resign, retire, secede, sew up, surcease, suspend, take the cure, terminate, wind up, withdraw, wrap up
Antonyms: complete, continue, do, finish, persevere
Main Entry: abandon
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave behind, relinquish
Synonyms: abdicate, back out, bail out, bow out, chicken out, cop out, cut loose, desert, discard, discontinue, ditch*, drop, drop out, duck*, dump*, dust*, flake out, fly the coop, give up the ship, kiss goodbye, leave, leg it, let go, opt out, pull out, quit, run out on, screw*, ship out, stop, storm out, surrender, take a powder, take a walk, throw over, vacate, walk out on, wash hands of, withdraw, yield
Antonyms: cherish, defend, keep, pursue, retain, support
Main Entry: abandon
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave in troubled state
Synonyms: back out, desert, disown, forsake, jilt, leave, leave behind, quit, reject, renounce, throw over, walk out on
Antonyms: adopt, assert, favor, uphold
Main Entry: abdicate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: give up a right, position, or power
Synonyms: abandon, abjure, abnegate, bag it, bail out, cede, demit, drop, forgo, give up, leave, leave high and dry, leave holding the bag, leave in the lurch, opt out, quit, quitclaim, relinquish, renounce, resign, retire, sell out, step down, surrender, vacate, waive, withdraw, yield
Antonyms: assert, assume, challenge, claim, defend, defy, hold, maintain, remain, retain, treasure, usurp
Main Entry: abscond
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: run away, depart secretly
Synonyms: beat it, bolt*, break, clear out, cut and run, decamp, disappear, dog it, duck out, escape, fade*, flee, fly the coop, get, go AWOL, go south, hightail, jump*, leave, make a break, make off, make scarce, pull out, quit, run off, scram, skedaddle, skip out, slip, sneak away, split*, steal away, take off, vamoose, vanish
Antonyms: abide, continue, endure, give up, remain, stay, stop, yield
Main Entry: abstain
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: hold back from doing
Synonyms: abjure, abnegate, avoid, cease, constrain, curb, decline, deny oneself, do without, eschew, evade, fast, fence-sit, forbear, forgo, give the go by, give up, go on the wagon, keep from, pass, pass up, quit, refrain, refuse, renounce, shun, sit on one's hands, sit on the fence, sit out, spurn, starve, stop, take the cure, take the pledge, withhold
Antonyms: indulge, use
Main Entry: bail out
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: escape
Synonyms: flee, quit, retreat, withdraw
Antonyms: stay
Main Entry: break away
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: depart
Synonyms: escape, flee, fly, leave, part company, quit, run away, split*
Main Entry: cease
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: stop, conclude
Synonyms: back off, break off, bring to an end, call it a day, call it quits, close, close out, come to an end, culminate, cut it out, desist, die, discontinue, drop, end, fail, finish, give over, halt, intermit, knock off, leave off, pack in, quit, quit cold turkey, refrain, shut down, stay, surcease, terminate, wind up
Antonyms: begin, commence, continue, go, initiate, keep on, start
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