okay [ oh-key, oh-key, oh-key ]
Main Entry: okay
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: acceptable, satisfactory
Synonyms: accurate, adequate, all right, approved, convenient, correct, fair, fine, good, in order, middling, not bad, ok, passable, permitted, so-so, surely, tolerable
Antonyms: bad, incorrect, intolerable, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, unsuitable, wrong
Main Entry: okay
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: agreement
Synonyms: acceptance, affirmation, approbation, approval, assent, authorization, benediction, blessing, consent, endorsement, favor, go-ahead, green light, ok, permission, sanction, say-so, seal of approval, yes
Antonyms: denial, disagreement, refusal, veto
Main Entry: okay
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree to
Synonyms: accept, accredit, approve, authorize, certify, condone, confirm, consent to, endorse, give one's consent, give the go-ahead, give the green light, notarize, ok, pass, rubber-stamp, sanction, say yes to
Antonyms: deny, disagree, refuse, reject, veto
Main Entry: accede
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree or consent
Synonyms: accept, acquiesce, admit, allow, assent, be game for, cave in, comply, concede, concur, cooperate, cry uncle, endorse, enter into, fold, give the go-ahead, give the green light, go along with, grant, let, okay, permit, play ball, roll over and play dead, subscribe, throw in the towel, yield
Antonyms: condemn, demur, denounce, denounce, deny, protest, refuse
Main Entry: accept
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: receive by agreeing, consenting
Synonyms: accede, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, adopt, affirm, agree to, approve, assent, assume, avow, bear, buy, check out*, comply, concur with, cooperate with, give stamp of approval, give the go-ahead, give the green light, give the nod, go for, lap up, okay, recognize, rubber-stamp, set store by, sign, sign off on, take on*, take one up on, thumbs up, undertake
Antonyms: decline, disagree, refuse
Main Entry: acceptable
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: satisfactory, agreeable
Synonyms: A-OK, adequate, admissible, all right, average, big*, common, cooking with gas, cool*, copacetic, decent, delightful, fair, hep, hip*, hunky-dory, in the swim, kosher*, large, okay, on the ball, on the beam, passable, peachy keen, pleasant, pleasing, respectable, right on, standard, sufficient, swell*, tolerable, trendy, unexceptional, unobjectionable, up to code, up to snuff, welcome
Antonyms: disagreeable, disturbing, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, unwelcome
Main Entry: acceptance
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: agreement, taking
Synonyms: accepting, acknowledgment, acquiring, admission, approval, assent, compliance, consent, cooperation, gaining, getting, go-ahead, green light, nod, obtaining, okay, permission, receipt, receiving, reception, recognition, securing, taking on, undertaking, yes
Antonyms: disagreement, dissent, refusal
Main Entry: accord
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: agreement, mutual understanding (often written)
Synonyms: 10-4, accordance, concert, concord, concurrence, conformity, congruence, correspondence, deal, good vibes, good vibrations, harmony, okay, pact, rapport, reconciliation, sympathy, treaty, unanimity
Antonyms: antagonism, denial, disagreement, dissension, opposition, refusal
Main Entry: accredit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: give authorization or control
Synonyms: appoint, approve, authorize, certify, commission, empower, enable, endorse, entrust, guarantee, license, okay, recognize, sanction, vouch for
Antonyms: deny, disapprove, reject
Main Entry: acquiesce
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree with some reluctance
Synonyms: accede, accept, accommodate, adapt, adjust, agree, allow, approve, bow to, buy, cave in, come across, come around, comply, concur, conform, consent, cry uncle, cut a deal, ditto*, give in, give out, go along, jibe, okay, pass, play ball, reconcile, roll over and play dead, say uncle, set, shake on, submit, subscribe, yes, yield
Antonyms: disagree, dissent, object, protest
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