indulge [ in-duhlj ]
Main Entry: indulge
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: treat oneself or another to
Synonyms: allow, baby, cater, coddle, cosset, delight, entertain, favor, foster, give in, give rein to, go along, go easy on, gratify, humor, mollycoddle, nourish, oblige, pamper, pander, pet, please, regale, satiate, satisfy, spoil, spoil rotten, take care of, tickle, yield
Antonyms: disappoint, distress, hurt
Main Entry: indulge
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: luxuriate in
Synonyms: bask in, ego trip, enjoy, go in for, live it up, look out for number one, revel in, rollick, take part, wallow in
Antonyms: abstain, moderate, not use
Main Entry: accommodate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: perform service
Synonyms: afford, aid, arrange, assist, avail, benefit, bow, comfort, convenience, defer, favor, furnish, gratify, help, humor, indulge, oblige, pamper, please, provide, serve, settle, submit, suit, supply, support, sustain, yield
Antonyms: bar, block, frustrate, hinder, impede, limit, obstruct, prevent, stop
Main Entry: allow
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: permit an action
Synonyms: accord, accredit, admit, approve, authorize, be big, be game for, bear, brook, certify, commission, consent, empower, endorse, endure, favor, free up, give a blank check, give carte blanche, give leave, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the green light, go along with, grant permission, hear of, hold with, indulge, let, license, live with, oblige, okay, pass, pass on, put up with, recognize, release, sanction, sit still for, stand, suffer, support, take kindly to, tolerate, warrant
Antonyms: deny, disallow, disapprove, forbid, prohibit, protest, refuse, reject, resist, withstand
Main Entry: baby
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: treat like a child
Synonyms: cater to, cherish, coddle, cosset, cuddle, dandle, dote on, foster, humor, indulge, nurse, overindulge, pamper, pet, please, satisfy, serve, spoil
Main Entry: bask
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: lie in glory
Synonyms: delight in, derive pleasure, enjoy, indulge, luxuriate, relish, revel, rollick, savor, take comfort, take pleasure, wallow, welter
Main Entry: cater
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: provide, help
Synonyms: baby, coddle, cotton, furnish, gratify, humor, indulge, minister to, outfit, pamper, pander to, procure, provision, purvey, spoil, supply, victual
Main Entry: content
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: please
Synonyms: appease, bewitch, captivate, charm, delight, enrapture, gladden, gratify, humor, indulge, make happy, mollify, placate, reconcile, satisfy, suffice, thrill, tickle
Antonyms: anger, displease, disturb, upset
Main Entry: drink
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: take in liquid
Synonyms: absorb, belt, booze, consume, dissipate, down, drain, gargle, gulp, guzzle, hit the bottle, imbibe, indulge, inhale, irrigate, lap, liquor up, nip, partake of, put away, quaff, sip, slosh, slurp, soak up, sop, sponge, suck, sup, swallow, swig, swill, tank up, thirst, tipple, toast, toss off, wash down, wet whistle
Main Entry: entertain
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: amuse
Synonyms: absorb, beguile, captivate, charm, cheer, comfort, crack up, delight, distract, divert, ecstasize, elate, engross, enliven, enthrall, gladden, grab, gratify, humor, indulge, inspire, inspirit, interest, knock dead, make merry, occupy, pique, please, recreate, regale, relax, satisfy, slay, solace, stimulate, tickle
Antonyms: bore, tire
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