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Main Entry: help
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: assistance, relief
Synonyms: advice, aid, assist, avail, balm, benefit, comfort, cooperation, corrective, cure, guidance, hand, helping hand, lift*, maintenance, nourishment, remedy, service, succor, support, sustenance, use, utility
Antonyms: blockage, check, counteraction, harm, hindrance, hurt, injury, obstruction, stop
Main Entry: help
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: employee
Synonyms: abettor, adjutant, aide, ally, ancilla, assistant, attendant, auxiliary, collaborator, colleague, deputy, domestic, hand, helper, helpmate, mate, partner, representative, right-hand person, servant, subsidiary, supporter, worker
Antonyms: management, ownership
Main Entry: help
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: aid, assist
Synonyms: abet, accommodate, advocate, back, ballyhoo, be of use, befriend, benefit, bolster, boost, buck up, cheer, cooperate, do a favor, do a service, do one's part, encourage, endorse, further, go to bat for, go with, hype*, intercede, lend a hand, maintain, open doors, patronize, plug*, promote, prop, puff, push, relieve, root for, sanction, save, second, see through, serve, stand by, stick up for, stimulate, stump for, succor, support, sustain, take under one's wing, uphold, work for
Antonyms: block, check, counteract, harm, hinder, hurt, injure, obstruct, stop
Main Entry: help
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: improve
Synonyms: alleviate, ameliorate, amend, attend, better, cure, doctor, ease, facilitate, heal, meliorate, mitigate, nourish, palliate, relieve, remedy, restore, revive, treat
Antonyms: decrease, harm, hinder, hurt, injure, worsen
Main Entry: accessory
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: ornament; accompanying item; supplementary part
Synonyms: accent, addition, adjunct, adornment, appendage, appendix, appliance, appurtenance, attachment, component, decoration, extension, extra, frill, help, supplement, trim, trimming
Antonyms: principal
Main Entry: accommodate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: perform service
Synonyms: afford, aid, arrange, assist, avail, benefit, bow, comfort, convenience, defer, favor, furnish, gratify, help, humor, indulge, oblige, pamper, please, provide, serve, settle, submit, suit, supply, support, sustain, yield
Antonyms: bar, block, frustrate, hinder, impede, limit, obstruct, prevent, stop
Main Entry: advantage
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: benefit, favored position or circumstance
Synonyms: aid, ascendancy, asset, assistance, authority, avail, blessing, boon, break, choice, comfort, convenience, dominance, edge, eminence, expediency, favor, gain, good, gratification, help, hold, improvement, influence, interest, lead, leeway, leg-up, leverage, luck, mastery, odds, position, power, pre-eminence, precedence, preference, prestige, prevalence, profit, protection, recognition, resources, return, sanction, starting, superiority, support, supremacy, upper hand, utility, wealth
Antonyms: disadvantage, drawback, handicap, hindrance, loss, obstacle, restriction
Main Entry: advice
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: recommendation
Synonyms: admonition, advisement, advocacy, aid, bum steer, caution, charge, consultation, counsel, directions, dissuasion, encouragement, exhortation, forewarning, guidance, help, information, injunction, input, instruction, judgment, lesson, news, opinion, persuasion, prescription, proposal, proposition, recommendation, steer, suggestion, teaching, telltale, tidings, tip, tip-off, two cents' worth, view, warning, word, word to the wise
Antonyms: betrayal, deceit, deception, falsehood, lie, misinformation, misrepresentation
Main Entry: ameliorate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make, become better
Synonyms: alleviate, amend, help, improve, lighten, meliorate, mitigate, relieve, step up, upgrade
Antonyms: worsen
Main Entry: amend
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: improve, correct
Synonyms: alter, ameliorate, better, change, elevate, enhance, fix, help, lift, make up for, mend, modify, pay one's dues, raise, rectify, reform, remedy, repair, revise, right, square*
Antonyms: blemish, corrupt, debase, depress, harm, impair, injure, mar, reduce, subtract, worsen
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