grant [ grant, grahnt ]
Main Entry: grant
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: allowance, gift
Synonyms: admission, allocation, allotment, alms, appropriation, assistance, award, benefaction, bequest, boon, bounty, charity, concession, contribution, dole, donation, endowment, fellowship, gratuity, handout, lump, present, privilege, reward, scholarship, stipend, subsidy
Antonyms: forfeit, loss
Main Entry: grant
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: authorize, allow
Synonyms: accede, accept, accord, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, agree to, allocate, allot, assign, assume, avow, award, bestow, bless, cede, come across, come around, come through, concede, confer, consent to, convey, donate, drop, gift with, give, give in, give out, give the nod, give thumbs-up, go along with, impart, invest, own, own up, permit, present, profess, relinquish, shake on, sign off on, sign on, stake, suppose, surrender, transfer, transmit, vouchsafe, yield
Antonyms: condemn, deny, refuse, veto
Main Entry: accede
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree or consent
Synonyms: accept, acquiesce, admit, allow, assent, be game for, cave in, comply, concede, concur, cooperate, cry uncle, endorse, enter into, fold, give the go-ahead, give the green light, go along with, grant, let, okay, permit, play ball, roll over and play dead, subscribe, throw in the towel, yield
Antonyms: condemn, demur, denounce, denounce, deny, protest, refuse
Main Entry: acknowledge
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: verbally recognize authority
Synonyms: accede, accept, acquiesce, agree, allow, approve, attest to, certify, defend, defer to, endorse, grant, own, ratify, recognize, subscribe to, support, take an oath, uphold, yield
Antonyms: forswear, ignore, refuse, renounce, repudiate
Main Entry: acknowledge
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: admit truth or reality of something
Synonyms: accede, accept, acquiesce, allow, avow, come clean, come out of closet, concede, confess, cop a plea, crack*, declare, fess up, get off chest, grant, let on, open up, own, profess, recognize, yield
Antonyms: abjure, contradict, disavow, renounce
Main Entry: acquisition
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: something obtained, received
Synonyms: accomplishment, achievement, allowance, annuity, award, benefit, bonus, commission, dividend, donation, earnings, fortune, gain, gift, grant, income, increment, inheritance, net, premium, prize, proceeds, profit, remuneration, return, reward, riches, salary, security, wages, wealth, winnings
Main Entry: admit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: allow entry or use
Synonyms: accept, be big on, bless, buy, concede, enter, entertain, give access, give the nod, give thumbs up, grant, harbor, house, initiate, introduce, let, let in, lodge, okay, permit, receive, shelter, sign off on, sign*, suffer, take, take in
Antonyms: debar, deny, dismiss, eject, exclude, expel, oust, refuse, reject, repel, shut
Main Entry: admit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: confess, acknowledge
Synonyms: accept, accord, acquiesce, adopt, affirm, agree, allow, approve, avow, bare, bring to light, communicate, concede, concur, confide, confirm, consent, cop a plea, credit, declare, disclose, divulge, enumerate, expose, go into details, grant, indicate, let, let on, make known, narrate, number, open up, own, own up, permit, proclaim, profess, recite, recognize, relate, reveal, spill*, subscribe to, talk, tell, tolerate, uncover, unveil, yield
Antonyms: confute, deny, dispute, dissent, gainsay, refuse
Main Entry: afford
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: give, produce
Synonyms: bestow, furnish, grant, impart, offer, provide, render, supply, yield
Antonyms: take away
Main Entry: agree
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: be in unison, assent with another
Synonyms: accede, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, allow, be of the same mind, bury the hatchet, buy into, check, clinch the deal, come to terms, comply, concede, concur, consent, cut a deal, engage, give blessing, give carte blanche, give green light, give the go-ahead, go along with, grant, make a deal, okay, pass on, permit, play ball, recognize, see eye to eye, set, settle, shake on, side with, sign*, subscribe, take one up on, yes*
Antonyms: contend, contradict, decline, disagree, dispute, dissent, oppose, protest, refuse
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