fail [ feyl ]
Main Entry: fail
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: be unsuccessful
Synonyms: abort, back wrong horse, backslide, be defeated, be demoted, be found lacking, be in vain, be ruined, blunder, break down, come to naught, come to nothing, decline, deteriorate, fall, fall flat, fall short, fall through, fizzle, flop, flounder, fold, founder, go astray, go down swinging, go down, go downhill, go up in smoke, go wrong, hit bottom, hit the skids, lose control, lose out, lose status, meet with disaster, miscarry, miss, miss the boat, play into, run aground, slip, turn out badly
Antonyms: accomplish, achieve, earn, gain, merit, obtain, prosper, reach, succeed, win
Main Entry: fail
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: abandon, forsake
Synonyms: abort, back out, blink, break one's word, desert, disappoint, discount, disregard, fault, forget, funk, go astray, ignore, let down, miscarry, neglect, omit, overlook, overpass, slight, slip
Antonyms: capture, complete, deliver, finish, obtain, procure
Main Entry: fail
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: lose money
Synonyms: be cleaned out, be in arrears, be ruined, be taken to the cleaners, become insolvent, break, close, close down, close one's doors, crash, defalcate, default, dishonor, drop, drop a bundle, end, finish, fold, go bankrupt, go belly up, go broke, go bust, go into chapter 11, go out of business, go to the wall, go under, go up, lose big, lose one's shirt, overdraw, repudiate, terminate
Antonyms: earn, gain, obtain, win
Main Entry: abort
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: stop or cancel something
Synonyms: arrest, break off, call it quits, call off, check, cut off, drop, end, fail, halt, interrupt, knock it off, lay off, nullify, scrap, scratch, scrub, terminate
Antonyms: continue, keep
Main Entry: backfire
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: have an opposite effect
Synonyms: backlash, boomerang, bounce back, disappoint, fail, flop, miscarry, rebound, recoil, ricochet, spring back
Main Entry: blink
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: ignore
Synonyms: bypass, condone, connive, cushion, discount, disregard, fail, forget, neglect, omit, overlook, overpass, pass by, slight, turn a blind eye
Antonyms: attend, be aware, pay attention
Main Entry: blow
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: ruin chance
Synonyms: fail, flounder, goof, miscarry, miss
Antonyms: do well, succeed
Main Entry: bust
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: ruin, impoverish
Synonyms: become insolvent, break, crash, fail, fold up, go bankrupt, go into Chapter 11, pauperize
Antonyms: aid, help
Main Entry: cease
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: stop, conclude
Synonyms: back off, break off, bring to an end, call it a day, call it quits, close, close out, come to an end, culminate, cut it out, desist, die, discontinue, drop, end, fail, finish, give over, halt, intermit, knock off, leave off, pack in, quit, quit cold turkey, refrain, shut down, stay, surcease, terminate, wind up
Antonyms: begin, commence, continue, go, initiate, keep on, start
Main Entry: collapse
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: fall apart, break down
Synonyms: belly up, bend, break, cave in, conk out, crack up, crumple, deflate, disintegrate, droop, drop, exhaust, fail, faint, fall down, flag, flake out, fold, founder, give, give in, give out, give way, go to pieces, go*, keel over, languish, shatter, subside, succumb, tire, topple, weaken, weary, wilt, yield
Antonyms: build, increase, rise
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