dump [ duhmp ]
Main Entry: dump
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: junkyard
Synonyms: ash heap, cesspool, depot, dumping ground, garbage lot, junk pile, magazine, refuse heap, rubbish pile, swamp
Main Entry: dump
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: slummy establishment
Synonyms: hole, hovel, joint*, mess*, pigpen, pigsty, shack, shanty, slum, sty
Main Entry: dump
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: drop, throw away
Synonyms: cast, chuck, clear out, deep-six, deposit, discard, discharge, dispose of, ditch, drain, eject, empty, evacuate, expel, exude, fling, fling down, get rid of, jettison, junk, leave, let fall, scrap, throw down, throw out, throw overboard, tip, unload, unpack
Main Entry: abandon
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave behind, relinquish
Synonyms: abdicate, back out, bail out, bow out, chicken out, cop out, cut loose, desert, discard, discontinue, ditch*, drop, drop out, duck*, dump*, dust*, flake out, fly the coop, give up the ship, kiss goodbye, leave, leg it, let go, opt out, pull out, quit, run out on, screw*, ship out, stop, storm out, surrender, take a powder, take a walk, throw over, vacate, walk out on, wash hands of, withdraw, yield
Main Entry: apartment
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: set of rooms for rent
Synonyms: accommodation, cave*, chambers, cold-water, condo, coop, cooperative, crash pad, den*, digs, dump*, flat, living quarters, lodging, pad, penthouse, rental, residence, suite, walk-up
Main Entry: armory
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: military building, usually for storing weapons
Synonyms: arsenal, center, depot, dump, factory, headquarters, magazine, plant, range
Main Entry: arsenal
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: storage of weapons
Synonyms: armory, depository, depot, dump, factory, magazine, ordnance, plant, repository, stock, stockpile, store, storehouse, supply, warehouse
Main Entry: blight
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: disease; plague
Synonyms: affliction, bane, blot on the landscape, canker, contamination, corruption, curse, decay, dump, evil, eyesore, fungus, infestation, mildew, pest, pestilence, pollution, rot, scourge, sight, withering, woe
Main Entry: bolt
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: run quickly away
Synonyms: abscond, bail out, bound, cop out, cut loose, cut out, dart, dash, ditch*, drop out, dump*, escape, flee, flight, fly, hightail, hotfoot, hurtle, jump, kiss goodbye, leap, leave flat, leave high and dry, leave holding the bag, leave in the lurch, make a break for it, make off, make tracks, opt out, run like scared rabbit, run out on, rush, scamper, scoot, skedaddle, skip, split*, spring, sprint, start, startle, step on it, take flight, take off, walk out on
Main Entry: crush
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: humiliate
Synonyms: abash, browbeat, chagrin, dispose of, dump, hurt, mortify, overwhelm, put away, put down*, quash, quell, shame, suppress
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