duck [ duhk ]
Main Entry: duck
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: drop down; avoid
Synonyms: bend, bob, bow, crouch, dip, dive, dodge, double, elude, escape, evade, fence, lower, lurch, move to side, parry, plunge, shirk, shun, shy, sidestep, stoop, submerge
Antonyms: face, jump, meet
Main Entry: abandon
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: leave behind, relinquish
Synonyms: abdicate, back out, bail out, bow out, chicken out, cop out, cut loose, desert, discard, discontinue, ditch*, drop, drop out, duck*, dump*, dust*, flake out, fly the coop, give up the ship, kiss goodbye, leave, leg it, let go, opt out, pull out, quit, run out on, screw*, ship out, stop, storm out, surrender, take a powder, take a walk, throw over, vacate, walk out on, wash hands of, withdraw, yield
Antonyms: cherish, defend, keep, pursue, retain, support
Main Entry: avoid
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: refrain or stay away from; prevent
Synonyms: abstain, avert, bypass, circumlocute, circumvent, deflect, desist, ditch, divert, dodge, duck, elude, escape, eschew, evade, fake out, fend off, flee, give the slip, hide, hold off, jump, keep clear, lay low, obviate, recoil, run for cover, shake, shake and bake, shake off, shirk, shrink from, shuffle off, shun, shy, sidestep, skip out on, skip town, skip*, skirt, stay away, stay out, steer clear of, step aside, turn aside, ward off, weave, withdraw
Antonyms: face, meet, seek, want
Main Entry: bob
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: bounce up and down
Synonyms: bow, duck, genuflect, hop, jerk, jounce, leap, nod, oscillate, quaver, quiver, ricochet, seesaw, skip, waggle, weave, wobble
Main Entry: bow
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: bend over
Synonyms: arch, bob, cower, crook, curtsy, curve, debase, dip, do obeisance, droop, duck, genuflect, hunch, incline, nod, round, stoop
Main Entry: cache
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: hide a supply of something
Synonyms: accumulate, bury, conceal, cover, ditch, duck, ensconce, lay away, maintain, park, plant, put away, put in the hole, save, screen, secrete, squirrel, squirrel away, stash, stash away, store
Main Entry: canvas
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: coarse material
Synonyms: awning cloth, duck, fly, sailcloth, shade, tarp, tarpaulin, tenting
Main Entry: character
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: odd person
Synonyms: card*, case*, clown, crank, customer*, duck*, eccentric, figure, freak, nut, oddball, oddity, original*, personage, personality, queer, spook, wack, weirdo, zombie
Main Entry: conceal
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: hide, disguise
Synonyms: beard, burrow, bury, cache, camouflage, cloak, couch, cover, cover up, dissemble, ditch, duck, ensconce, enshroud, harbor, hole up, keep dark, keep secret, lie low, lurk, mask, masquerade, obscure, plant*, put in a hole, screen, secrete, shelter, skulk, slink, sneak, stash, stay out of sight, stow, tuck away, veil, wrap
Antonyms: disclose, divulge, expose, lay bare, let out, open, reveal, show, tell, uncover
Main Entry: cringe
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: flinch, recoil from danger
Synonyms: blench, cower, crawl, crouch, dodge, draw back, duck, eat dirt, grovel, kneel, quail, quiver, shrink, shy, start, stoop, tremble, wince
Antonyms: come forward
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