defer [ dih-fur ]
Main Entry: defer
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: hold off, put off
Synonyms: adjourn, block, delay, detain, extend, give rain check, hang fire, hinder, hold up, impede, intermit, lay over, lengthen, obstruct, postpone, procrastinate, prolong, prorogue, protract, put on back burner, put on hold, put on ice, remit, retard, set aside, shelve, slow, stall, stay, suspend, table, waive
Antonyms: advance, expedite, forge, forward, hasten, hurry
Main Entry: defer
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: yield
Synonyms: accede, accommodate, acquiesce, adapt, adjust, admit, agree, assent, bow, buckle, capitulate, cave, comply, concede, cringe, fawn, give in to, knuckle, knuckleunder, kowtow, obey, submit, succumb, truckle
Antonyms: advance, force, forge
Main Entry: abide
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: submit to, put up with
Synonyms: accept, acknowledge, be big about, bear, bear with, concede, consent, defer, endure, hang in, hang in there, hang tough, live with, put up with, receive, sit tight, stand, stand for, stomach, suffer, swallow, take, tolerate, withstand
Antonyms: despise, dispute, pass, quit, reject, resist, shun
Main Entry: accommodate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: perform service
Synonyms: afford, aid, arrange, assist, avail, benefit, bow, comfort, convenience, defer, favor, furnish, gratify, help, humor, indulge, oblige, pamper, please, provide, serve, settle, submit, suit, supply, support, sustain, yield
Antonyms: bar, block, frustrate, hinder, impede, limit, obstruct, prevent, stop
Main Entry: adjourn
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: stop a proceeding
Synonyms: curb, defer, delay, discontinue, hold off, hold over, hold up, postpone, prorogue, put off, recess, restrain, shelve, stay, suspend
Antonyms: begin, convene, convoke, encourage, further, keep on, open, rally, stimulate, urge
Main Entry: assent
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree
Synonyms: accede, accept, accord, acquiesce, adopt, allow, approve, buy, cave in, comply, concur, conform, consent, cut a deal, defer, ditto*, embrace, espouse, give five, give in, go along with, grant, knuckle under, okay*, pass on, permit, recognize, sanction, say uncle, shake on, subscribe
Antonyms: disagree, disallow, disapprove, dissent, reject
Main Entry: bow
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: submit, concede
Synonyms: accept, acquiesce, be servile, bend, capitulate, cave, comply, defer, give in, knuckle, knuckle under, kowtow, relent, succumb, surrender, yield
Antonyms: defend, fight, overpower
Main Entry: capitulate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: give in
Synonyms: bow, buckle under, cave in, cede, come across, come to terms, concede, defer, fold, give away the store, give out, give up, knuckle under, put out, relent, submit, succumb, surrender, yield
Antonyms: defend, fight
Main Entry: comply
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: abide by, follow agreement or instructions
Synonyms: accede, accord, acquiesce, adhere to, agree to, cave in, come around, conform to, consent to, cry uncle, defer, discharge, ditto*, don't make waves, don't rock the boat, fit in, fold, fulfill, give in, give out, give up, go along with, go with the flow, keep, knuckle to, knuckle under, mind, obey, observe, perform, play ball, play the game, put out, quit, respect, roll over and play dead, satisfy, shape up, stay in line, straighten up, submit, throw in towel, toss it in, yes one, yield
Antonyms: decline, deny, disobey, oppose, rebuff, refuse, reject, resist
Main Entry: credit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: accredit, assign to
Synonyms: ascribe to, attribute to, chalk up to, charge to, defer, impute, lay, refer
Antonyms: discredit, renege
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