cooperate [ koh-op-uh-reyt ]
Main Entry: cooperate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: aid, assist
Synonyms: abet, advance, agree, back up, band, be in cahoots, befriend, chip in, coadjute, coincide, collaborate, combine, comply with, concert, concur, conduce, conspire, contribute, coordinate, espouse, forward, further, go along with, help, join forces, join in, league*, lend a hand, participate, partner, pitch in, play ball, pool resources, pull together, second, share in, show willingness, side with, stick together, succor, take part, unite, uphold, work side by side, work together
Antonyms: block, delay, disturb, encumber, handicap, hinder, impede, obstruct, prevent, stop
Main Entry: accede
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree or consent
Synonyms: accept, acquiesce, admit, allow, assent, be game for, cave in, comply, concede, concur, cooperate, cry uncle, endorse, enter into, fold, give the go-ahead, give the green light, go along with, grant, let, okay, permit, play ball, roll over and play dead, subscribe, throw in the towel, yield
Antonyms: condemn, demur, denounce, denounce, deny, protest, refuse
Main Entry: align
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: join; bring to agreement
Synonyms: affiliate, agree, ally, associate, cooperate, enlist, follow, join sides, sympathize
Antonyms: disjoin
Main Entry: assist
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: help
Synonyms: abet, aid, back, bail out, benefit, boost, collaborate, cooperate, do for, expedite, facilitate, further, give a boost, give a leg up, give a lift, go down the line for, go for, go to bat for, go with, grease the wheels, hype*, lend a hand, make a pitch for, open doors, plug*, puff, push*, put on the map, reinforce, relieve, ride shotgun, root for, run interference for, serve, stand up for, stump, support, sustain, take care of, thump, work for, work with
Antonyms: hinder, hurt, stop, thwart
Main Entry: collaborate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: work together
Synonyms: be in cahoots, coact, cofunction, collude, come together, concert, concur, conspire, cooperate, coproduce, do business with, get together, glue oneself to, go partners, hook on, hook up, interface, join forces, join together, join up with, participate, team up, throw in together, throw in with, tie in, work with
Antonyms: disagree, divorce, part
Main Entry: combine
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: connect, integrate
Synonyms: amalgamate, associate, band, bind, blend, bond, bracket, bunch up, coadjute, coalesce, commingle, compound, conjoin, cooperate, couple, dub, fuse, get together, glue oneself to, hitch on, hook on, incorporate, interface, join, league, link, marry, merge, mingle, mix, network, plug into, pool, put together, relate, slap on, stand in with, synthesize, tack on, tag on, team up with, throw in together, tie up with, unify, unite, wed
Antonyms: detach, disconnect, dissolve, divide, part, separate
Main Entry: concur
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree, approve
Synonyms: accede, accord, acquiesce, assent, band, be consonant with, be in harmony, coadjute, coincide, collaborate, combine, come together, consent, cooperate, cut a deal, equal, harmonize, jibe, join, league*, meet, okay*, pass on, shake on, unite
Antonyms: argue, differ, disagree, disapprove, dispute, object, oppose, reject
Main Entry: conspire
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: plot, scheme with someone
Synonyms: be in cahoots, cabal, cogitate, collogue, collude, confederate, connive, contrive, cook up, cooperate, devise, get in bed with, hatch, intrigue, machinate, maneuver, operate, promote, put out a contract, wangle, wire, work something out
Main Entry: conspire
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree, concur
Synonyms: cabal, colleague, combine, complot, conduce, consort, contribute, cooperate, join, tend, unite, work together
Antonyms: disagree
Main Entry: go by
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: adopt, conform
Synonyms: abide by, adjust to, agree, be guided by, comply, cooperate, fall in with, follow, heed, judge from, observe, take as guide
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