consent [ kuhn-sent ]
Main Entry: consent
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: agreement; concession
Synonyms: accord, acquiescence, allowance, approval, assent, authorization, blank check, blessing, carte blanche, compliance, concurrence, go-ahead, green light, leave, okay*, permission, permit, right on, sanction, say so, stamp of approval, sufferance, understanding, yes
Antonyms: denial, difference, disagreement, disapproval, dissension, objection, opposition, protest, refusal
Main Entry: consent
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree
Synonyms: accede, accept, acquiesce, allow, approve, assent, bless, comply, concede, concur, fold, give in, give the nod, give up, knuckle under, let, make a deal, okay*, permit, roll over, sanction, say uncle, say yes, sign off on, subscribe, throw in the towel, yes*, yield
Antonyms: differ, disagree, disapprove, dissent, object, oppose, protest, refuse
Main Entry: abide
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: submit to, put up with
Synonyms: accept, acknowledge, be big about, bear, bear with, concede, consent, defer, endure, hang in, hang in there, hang tough, live with, put up with, receive, sit tight, stand, stand for, stomach, suffer, swallow, take, tolerate, withstand
Antonyms: despise, dispute, pass, quit, reject, resist, shun
Main Entry: acceptance
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: agreement, taking
Synonyms: accepting, acknowledgment, acquiring, admission, approval, assent, compliance, consent, cooperation, gaining, getting, go-ahead, green light, nod, obtaining, okay, permission, receipt, receiving, reception, recognition, securing, taking on, undertaking, yes
Antonyms: disagreement, dissent, refusal
Main Entry: accession
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: agreement
Synonyms: accedence, acceptance, acquiescence, assent, concurrence, consent
Antonyms: disagreement, dispute, repudiation
Main Entry: acquiesce
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: agree with some reluctance
Synonyms: accede, accept, accommodate, adapt, adjust, agree, allow, approve, bow to, buy, cave in, come across, come around, comply, concur, conform, consent, cry uncle, cut a deal, ditto*, give in, give out, go along, jibe, okay, pass, play ball, reconcile, roll over and play dead, say uncle, set, shake on, submit, subscribe, yes, yield
Antonyms: disagree, dissent, object, protest
Main Entry: acquiescence
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: reluctant agreement
Synonyms: acceptance, accession, approval, assent, compliance, concurrence, conformity, consent, giving in, obedience, permission, resignation, submission, submissiveness, yielding
Antonyms: disagreement, insubordination, rebellion
Main Entry: admit
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: confess, acknowledge
Synonyms: accept, accord, acquiesce, adopt, affirm, agree, allow, approve, avow, bare, bring to light, communicate, concede, concur, confide, confirm, consent, cop a plea, credit, declare, disclose, divulge, enumerate, expose, go into details, grant, indicate, let, let on, make known, narrate, number, open up, own, own up, permit, proclaim, profess, recite, recognize, relate, reveal, spill*, subscribe to, talk, tell, tolerate, uncover, unveil, yield
Antonyms: confute, deny, dispute, dissent, gainsay, refuse
Main Entry: agree
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: be in unison, assent with another
Synonyms: accede, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, allow, be of the same mind, bury the hatchet, buy into, check, clinch the deal, come to terms, comply, concede, concur, consent, cut a deal, engage, give blessing, give carte blanche, give green light, give the go-ahead, go along with, grant, make a deal, okay, pass on, permit, play ball, recognize, see eye to eye, set, settle, shake on, side with, sign*, subscribe, take one up on, yes*
Antonyms: contend, contradict, decline, disagree, dispute, dissent, oppose, protest, refuse
Main Entry: allow
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: permit an action
Synonyms: accord, accredit, admit, approve, authorize, be big, be game for, bear, brook, certify, commission, consent, empower, endorse, endure, favor, free up, give a blank check, give carte blanche, give leave, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the green light, go along with, grant permission, hear of, hold with, indulge, let, license, live with, oblige, okay, pass, pass on, put up with, recognize, release, sanction, sit still for, stand, suffer, support, take kindly to, tolerate, warrant
Antonyms: deny, disallow, disapprove, forbid, prohibit, protest, refuse, reject, resist, withstand
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